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Up-coming Projects

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Aripara - A Nature Lover's Paradise

SILVER VISTA - a Resort Project on a sprawling 1.25 acre near Aripara waterfall. It is the iruvanji river that cascades down the rocky hills to form this spectacular waterfall. The area is in kozhikode district and it is a wonderfull spot to unwind and observe nature at its most...



Kakkadampoyil - - Designed for natural living

COXCORE VISTA - a Resort Project on a sprawling 5 acre land near to kozhippara Waterfall, coxcore vista offers beautiful two-bedroom suites. Amenities include pools, restaurant, deluxe rooms. It is the ultimate destination for...



At a Time When Global Market is so easy to reach the customers we need to focus on maximize the growth of community monopolies. This is the Vision of COX Developers & Contractors - "We Can Grow Together" . It is a "break-through" concept which will change the inherited and outdated approach towards the construction area.

“COX DC” is born from a thought that the community is beneficial from the investments made by them. The company grows with investors, the common public who are flying with the “COX DC” like a flock. This can change the quality of life, views and attitude of society...